Technical Analysis Course (TA)

(Basic to Advance Level Professional Program)

The Program introduces Technical Analysis Course as a standalone or unique methodology to analyse and trade stocks, commodities, forex, Cryptocurrency and Derivative products. Technical Analysis is a world Recognise Gold standard of knowledge widely Recognised by the trading and Investment community. This training will be conducted by Mr Keshav Kumar, who’s worked in the financial markets for over 12 years before embarking on a career as a Senior Technical Analyst at India’s Renounced Brokerage houses. He has extensive experience as a practitioner and trainer of technical analysis.

Our specially designed professional technical analysis Course can help you to make sense of the right way to analysis Securities, make Discipline and follow a proper money management. This course is marked as Practical approach for world standard technical analysis Certification Like - CMT, CFT and STA.

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  • Beginners or Fresher in stock market
  • Investors
  • Traders
  • Experienced Investor & traders ( Less knowledge in Technical Analysis)
  • Financial advisor, Financial Analyst
  • SEBI Registered Research analyst
  • SEBI Registered Investment Advisor
  • Candidate of - BBA, MBA, CA, CFA, CMT, CFT, BCOM etc
  • Any One who want to sharp Technical Analysis Skills.


  • A Technical Analysis Software (Real time or Live) with Lifetime Validity Free.
  • Books Material ( Specially Designed By Professionals).
  • Free Demat Account ( Sharekhan Ltd/ Upstox ) .
  • Investment Consultancy Support for Education Purpose ( Two Months only).
  • Free Membership for lifetime in Our Professional Social Media Groups (whatsapp / Face book) .
  • Real Trading Atmosphere Classroom training in Live market timing .
  • Assured JOB Assistance As (Technical Analyst, Trader, advisor, Derivative analyst).


Two Main Purposes:
  1. This course is Designed for those person who want to earn Investment income by self Trading & investment.
  2. And also for those who want to get Professional job in brokerage house, Investment Companies.

Technical Analysis Program syllabus

Introduction - What is Technical Analysis?
  • Main factors in technical analysis
  • Advantages
  • Long-term vs. short-term
Background & Basics
  • Technical Analysis as an Integral part of Market Analysis.
  • History of Technical Analysis
Constructing and interpreting charts
  • Tools- The construction of four types of Charts
  • Bar chart
  • Line chart
  • Point & figure chart
  • Candlesticks chart
  • Candle volume chart
  • Kagi chart
  • Renko chart
Trend analysis
  • Support and Resistance Lines
  • Trends theory - types
  • Direction & Duration
  • Trend lines
  • Channel lines
Breakout Theory
  • Breakout – types
  • False Breakout
  • Breakout conformation tool
  • Conform trade based on Breakout
Volume and open interest
  • Volume & open interest With Support & résistance
  • Using open interest to find bull & bear signal
Oscillators & Divergence Techniques
  • Definition &Role
  • Relationship with Underlying Instrument
  • Bullish divergence
  • Bearish divergence
  • Flat diversion
  • False Diversion
  • /ul>
    Technical analysis indicators(Diversion Based)
    • Relative strength index
    • Rate of change index (ROC)
    • Stochastic (%K D)
    • Larry William %R
    • Moving average convergence & divergence (MACD)
    • MACD Histogram
    • Commodity Channel index
    • Awesome oscillator
    • OsMa indicator
    • Put/Call ratio
    • Bull/bear Indicators
    • CBOE/VIX Volatility index
    Specialty indicators
    • Directional Movement Index (ADX)
    • On-balance Volume
    • Parabolic (SAR)
    • Bollinger band
    • Super Trend
    • Know sure thing (KST)
    Moving averages
    • Definition
    • Types of Moving average
    • Single Moving average cross with price
    • Double crossover
    • Triple crossovers
    • Multiple crossovers
    Technical theories
    • Dow Theory Theories
    • Candlestick patterns
    • Elliott Wave Principles
    • Fibonacci Sequence
    • Gann Analysis
    • Cycle Analysis
    Ratio Analysis
  • Percentages: Dow, Fibonacci and Gann
  • Fans
  • Arcs
  • Retracements vs. Extensions
Chart formations
  • Trend reversal formations
  • Head and Shoulders and Inverted H&S
  • Double Tops and Double Bottoms
  • Triple Tops and Triple Bottoms
  • V-tops (spikes) & W shape pattern
  • Rounded Tops and Rounded Bottoms (saucers)
  • Trend continuation formation
  • Flags
  • Pennant
  • Triangles
  • Wedges
  • Diamond pattern
  • Triangles based pattern
  • Cup & handle pattern
  • Wolfe wave pattern
  • Construction of Wolfe wave
  • Logic Behind Wolfe shape
  • Recognition and target conformation
  • What is stop loss
  • How to set stop loss
  • Stop loss through SAR parabolic
  • Stop loss through ATR indicator
Why interest rate affect the market
  • Relationship between Interest rate change & stock Price change
  • Interest Rate Risk on market
Inter-market Technical Analysis
  • Inter market relation using Technical concepts
  • Inter market Analysis -Gold, crude, silver, DJIA, Nifty, Dollar, International Market
Money Management & Risk Management
  • Money Management plan
  • Risk Management plan
  • Rules For Discipline Trading

Fee Structure

  • Duration: 2 months
  • Rs. 29500/-including GST

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