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Research Analyst Certification Exam

Technical Analyst Regulation
Securities and Exchange board of india (Research Analyst) Regulations 2014

Research analyst certification Exam Eligibility:

1: Professional qualification, or post graduate degree or diploma in finance or related field
2: Graduate with at least five years of experience in activity Related to finance market
3: In addition , Individual need to pass NISM Certification examination for research analyst.

For Whome Research Analyst Certification:

1: All Research analyst working in mutual funds, broking firms, advisory firms etc.
2: Any one who want to work as a research analyst.
3: Any one who prepares market research and commendation report.
4: As per regulation "Research analyst" means a person who is primarily responsible for -

               i-preparation or publication of the content of the research report or
             ii-Providing research report or
             iii-Making Buy /sell commendation or
             iv-Giving price target or
             v-Offering an opinion concerning public offer.

NISM Services XV- Research Analyst Exam Details:

Total Mark:             100
Passing mark:         60%
Negative Mark:       0.25%
Total Duration:        2 Hours

Topic wise breakdown  % which cover in research analyst exam:

     Topic                                                                                               Breakout %

Introductionto research analyst profession                                               3%
Introduction to securities market                                                               8%
Terminology in Equity and debt market                                                    6%
Fundamental of research                                                                             5%
Economic Analyst                                                                                         7%
Industry Analyst                                                                                            10%
Company Analyst-Qualitative Diamentions                                                7%
Company analyst-Quantitative Diamentions                                               15%
Corporate Actions                                                                                           6%
Valuation Princilple                                                                                         15%
Fundamental of risk and return                                                                     5%
Qualities of good research report                                                                    5%
Legal and regularoty Environment                                                                 10%
Total                                                                                                                     100%

Weekend Batch (SAT-SUN Batch)

* Face to face batch
* 3 hours each day /sat-sun /9 weeks
* Full Coverage of NISM -Research analyst curriculum
* Extra Equisite notes prepared by financial corridor Trainer
* Direct linkage with practical application course financial modelling (optional)
* Covered test series package
* 4 Mock test along with preparatory classes

Course name                                                Duration                                     course fee

Preparation classes for                                  2 month                                       25000
Research analyst exam

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