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FINANCIAL CORRIDOR, now recognized as a leading provider of Stock Market and Technical Analysis courses in the country, our training has benefited numerous Invertors, traders and students (10,000+) across the country. After 10 years of excellent Services provided by Financial corridor , Now it start Online Training classes on the basis of huge demand arise from different part of the country .

  • Mr. Keshav Kumar CFA (CEO & Founder of Financial Corridor, )
Major Courses Which Provide online:

Minimum technical and software requirements for Online Learning courses:

Computer and Internet Connection:

You will need regular access to a computer with an internet connection. High speed broadband access (LAN, Cable or DSL) is highly recommended for the optimal learning experience. A Macintosh or PC system with these minimum requirements:

  • Compatible Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1,10
  • Web Browser: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer 10 or higher
  • Compatible Operating System: OS X, XI
  • Web Browser: Firefox, Chrome, Safari

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